How to Choose the Top WordPress Hosting

How to Choose the Top WordPress Hosting

Now that you’ve finally decided to run a personal or business website, you’ve arrived at the process of choosing which platform to build your foundation. WordPress provides one of the most popular and easiest ways to get your content or products online. The platform has several advantages that make them user-friendly, secure, and affordable to both startups and established businesses.

WordPress Hosting market share by year
Fig. 1. Top WordPress market share by year
(Source: WhoIsHostingThis?)

To make your page more professional, you have to choose a hosting service for your WordPress site. Here are the factors to consider in selecting the best website hosting for WordPress:

  1. Location

Location may or may not matter, depending on your target market. If your audience is in the UK, it’s only logical to look for a WordPress business hosting with servers within the area. The shorter the distance between the servers and the customers, the faster the website will load.

The advantage you’ll gain from considering the server’s location is faster load times of a few milliseconds to about a second. The best packages of top WordPress hosting providers can offer blistering speeds regardless of the server’s location.

Consider this factor especially when you’re just starting a business with a limited budget. Legion Cloud has data centers in major cities in the US, Asia, Europe, and South America, so it’s worth taking note of our WordPress business hosting services.

  1. Price

The cost of WordPress business hosting varies according to the infrastructure and services offered per package. For personal blogs, $5 to $10 a month will be enough to own a website. Startups and SMEs may have to spend $20 to $50 monthly for a decent setup, while large enterprises that cater to hundreds of thousands of users may have to spend hundreds of dollars to maintain a responsive platform for their customers.

There’s no such thing as unlimited, so be wary of marketing techniques selling you limitless storage space and such. This is just the term given even by the best WordPress hosting providers on specific items they offer because the capacities of these components are so large that there’s a low chance that you’ll hit the limit anytime soon.

In selecting a hosting package, cheapest is also not always the wisest option. If you opt for the most affordable package, you’ll often be forced to scale up once you start generating more traffic. It will be better to select a hosting package that will give you wiggle room for growth.

Legion Cloud offers three hosting tiers, namely WordPress Initial, Cloud WordPress, and WP Multisite, in increasing infrastructure setup and growing traffic capacity. The Initial is ideal for small and startup businesses expecting around a hundred thousand site visitors monthly. The Multisite package is for resource-demanding E-commerce sites that manage around a million customers monthly.

  1. Performance

Speed is vital since customers expect pages to load lightning quick. Even a few seconds of delay can deter a user from waiting for the page to fully load. The overall website performance has something to do with page optimization, but you can’t take away the role of server speed here.

Aside from untethered bandwidth, Legion Cloud uses only the latest generation hardware on our servers. We’ve let go of the good-old hard drives and use only ultra-fast solid-state drives (SSDs) for quicker fetching of data.

Legion Cloud servers also have a 100% uptime and a team of technical experts to ensure your WordPress site is always operational. We conduct daily data backups to increase the resilience of our systems against disruptions. Our hosting services meet standards including ISO 27001, SOC2, PCI DSS, and HIPAA.

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  1. Hosting category

Shared hosting is the cheapest solution, but it’s far from being the best WordPress hosting option for serious business portals. Shared servers provide little flexibility and are prone to overcrowding, causing inconvenience to both business and its users.

When looking for a hosting service, research on the specialization of the company providing WordPress business hosting. There are those particular in hosting personal blogs, while there are companies that perform exceptionally well in serving enterprise-level businesses. Smaller hosting companies can only provide basic functions while the top WordPress hosting providers can include email hosting and control panel access to their package offers.

Legion Cloud offers Managed Hosting to clients to make it more convenient for our customers to handle the websites. Managed Hosting means we have dedicated resources in supporting the platform, so rest assured you’ll get full support in choosing our WordPress business hosting.

Our Managed Hosting packages provide powerful server configurations and promise infinite scalability since we want to make sure we’re always with you as your business grows. From small, low-traffic sites to massive portals with monthly visitors reaching up to almost a million, Legion Cloud’s Managed Hosting services for WordPress can absolutely handle the load. You can leave the worry to our team of technical experts to handle backups, security checks, updates, traffic monitoring, server optimization, and data restoration.

  1. Security

Online security is another aspect that can make or break your website. Malicious plugins, insecure themes, weak passwords, and outdated systems are some of the entry points that hackers take advantage of to get into your site.

Small business owners often think that they’re unlikely to be a target of hackers. However, the traffic size or the popularity of a WordPress site has little to do with being hacked. Unguarded sites are hacked simply because there’s an opportunity to do so.

According to WP Template, 41% of WordPress sites get hacked through hosting platform vulnerabilities. A report from Sucuri reveals that WordPress is the most infected platform by security breaches.

Distribution of infection among website hosting platforms
Fig. 2. Distribution of infection among website platforms
(Source: Sucuri)

Hackers may take over system resources, creating speed bottlenecks and spam messages. They can also put in drive-by-downloads to infect site visitors or redirect users to another page.

The best way to protect your site from hackers is by getting the top WordPress hosting provider with an established reputation and proven track record in the industry. Regular scans, security checks, and site certifications are the minimum protocols that the best WordPress hosting companies must provide to clients.

With Legion Cloud’s Managed Hosting service, all the described standard routines are implemented without fail. We also conduct daily backups to mitigate damages that hackers can do to your business. And if you ever suspect something unusual with your site, our technical team is on standby and ready to attend to immediate needs.

  1. Support

How quickly can you contact the tech team when the site goes down? How fast can they provide a fix to ensure your business suffers only minor disruptions? Will the same issue arise in the future? These are the questions you have to ask when looking for the best WordPress hosting service.

Support is often a problem for some businesses, with the technical team becoming hard to reach when websites experience trouble. Quality customer support makes sure you’re not left to fend for yourself in troubleshooting the website.

Top WordPress hosting providers like Legion Cloud give 24/7 assistance to customers. We have a team of in-house technical experts that can attend to any difficulties you’re having with the site. They have deep knowledge of OS, networking, security, cPanel, and the WordPress platform, so rest assured you’re in good hands.


Carefully choosing the best website hosting for WordPress will go a long way as an investment. With the numerous options available online and the terminologies thrown here and there, it can be confusing and frustrating to filter out which of them is the top WordPress hosting service suitable to your business. The criteria discussed here will help you select the most appropriate service provider that your business needs.

Legion Cloud is a top WordPress hosting provider with a global presence and a dependable service. With more than 300,000 customers worldwide, the company has managed to establish its reputation as one of the best WordPress hosting providers today.

Sign up with us and enjoy our affordable WordPress hosting packages that will fit your budget and hit your target. If you have questions in mind regarding our service, feel free to contact our team anytime.

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