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Web hosting is one of the areas where you need to regularly allocate money to maintain a proper website. With web hosting providers abounding online, the baffling myriad of choices can be more of a problem than aid in choosing which one is best for your business or personal needs.

Here are web hosting tips and tricks to help you select the best hosting service provider:

  1. Determine how you want to use the website

How you’ll be using the website will determine the kind of web hosting service you need. Will you use it to sell products? Will you be uploading lots of downloadable media content? Or will you be utilizing it as an official business portal for enterprise use?

Internet usage in the US
Fig. 1. Internet usage statistics in the US
(Source: Oberlo)

A web hosting trick to use is to come up with an estimate of how much visitors or users will visit the portal. Of the hundreds of millions of online users in the US, 81% of them go online daily. Imagine how many of them will visit your website every month.

Shared hosting is a good starting point for bloggers and SME owners who expect around 25,000 to 100,000 visitors per month. For large companies that need more advanced control of their systems, a dedicated hosting solution is the best choice.

Legion Cloud offers both shared and dedicated hosting services with huge capacities for user traffic. We also have managed WordPress hosting services if you want to use the said platform for building your website.

  1. Choose one that uses the latest hardware

You want the best for your website, so it’s only logical to select a company that uses only the latest hardware. This ensures you’re not running your website on an outdated server that can’t keep up with today’s customer demands for speed and storage.

A web hosting tip to remember is to choose a hosting provider like Legion Cloud that uses solid-state drives (SSD) in their systems. SSDs work 300% faster than legacy hard drives which means they’re quicker in fetching and writing data. This will make your website more robust and responsive to browsing, especially to data downloads and uploads.

  1. Look for excellent support

No matter how reliable a system may be, there’s still a chance that it will fail. Preparing for this circumstance is vital in ensuring business continuity and maintaining customer relationships.

One of the often-underrated web hosting tips is selecting a service provider with an excellent support system. It’s common to look at the price of the hosting service and simply go with the one that’s closest to your budget. However, you should never leave it to chance that you won’t ever encounter a problem with your website uptime.

A commendable technical support team should be able to resolve most of the issues within 30 minutes. Hosting companies that give little attention to the strength of their support team may take several hours to a day before they can resolve the problem. The worst web hosting providers may not even respond to your call for help until a day has elapsed.

Many web hosting providers outsource their tech support team, and this often makes them harder to contact during emergencies. They may also be prone to providing the wrong solutions since they’re unfamiliar with the system and the client’s needs.

Legion Cloud has a technical support team that’s available 24/7. It’s made of in-house tech specialists who perfectly understand the company’s server architecture and the clients it serves.

  1. Avoid free web hosts

If you’re building a professional, corporate website, avoid free web hosting companies by all means. Free web hosting companies place annoying ads that can ruin the flow of your site. No one wants to visit a website littered with ads, especially an official business portal that’s meant to be informative and authoritative.

Number of web hosting providers worldwide
Fig. 2. Number of web hosting providers worldwide
(Source: FinancesOnline)

A web hosting tip to remember is to select the company that gives the best value for money in terms of capacity, service, and price. You don’t need to settle for a free web hosting provider, but you also don’t have to spend a fortune on getting the most expensive available in the market unless you need to.

Legion Cloud offers affordable shared and dedicated hosting services for reasonable prices. The cheapest plan available costs only $1.99 and that includes free domain registration. Whatever your budget is, we surely have a plan that will fit your needs.

Get started NOW with your Cloud Web Hosting FREE trial.

  1. Upgrade to an annual plan

One of the web hosting tips that will save you money is to purchase annual plans. Monthly plans might look cheaper and easier to pay because you’re only paying a small amount. They also give you the advantage to switch to a new web host in case you decide to change your service provider.

However, when you compute the total monthly payment you make for the year, you’ll most likely find that it’s more expensive than if you had chosen an annual plan. Monthly subscription plans are often designed this way to make it seem like you’re saving money when you’re actually spending more in the long run.

Some companies even hide additional fees until you’re ready to purchase the plan. This is a bad example of a web hosting trick designed to confuse you to take their supposedly cheap and exclusive offer. They’ll lure you with an unbelievably low price on their web page and then surprise you with additional fees just before you pay for the plan.

Legion Cloud believes in transparency, so we’ll give you a summarized breakdown of the prices and how much you’ll save when you avail any of our hosting plans. You’ll see how much each plan will cost you, including additional charges.

  1. Make sure it’s secured with SSL

In any online business transaction, security is of utmost importance. Customers won’t purchase anything on a site where they feel their money and personal information are unsecured.

A website with SSL certificate
Fig. 3. A website with SSL certificate
(Source: digicert)

One of the things that customers look for in establishing their trust on a website is SSL certification that’s symbolized by the padlock icon in the URL bar. SSL protects sensitive information by encrypting data during transmission.

Go only for companies that provide SSL certificates to websites hosted on their servers. Some providers may require an additional payment for this feature, but Legion Cloud offers this for free on all our web hosting packages.

  1. Prevent your domain name from expiring

The domain name is the address where your website is located. It’s a vital piece of the trade that can be worth millions of dollars to the right user.

Once you lose control of your domain name, it will be open for sale to anyone interested in it. Once it’s taken by another customer, it can be difficult to retrieve since you either have to pay for it at a way higher price. Worse, you have to totally forget it and use another domain name. Either of these scenarios is unideal for your business.

A web hosting trick to reduce the effort of maintaining domain name registration is to subscribe to an annual hosting plan instead of a monthly scheme. This way, you’ll only check its registration annually or biennially and you’re safe from any trouble of holding on to an expiring contract.

Another web hosting tip is to make sure you renew your domain name registration months ahead of the deadline. Include it in your business schedule and see to it that it’s not forgotten in any way and the website will always remain yours.

Legion Cloud provides one-year and two-year plans to clients for easier management. If you feel like transferring your website to our care, we can do it for you for free.

These web hosting tips and tricks are designed to minimize costs and increase business profitability. These may be obvious and simple to do but people often forget how little things can create big problems if they’re not taken care of.

Finding a reliable web hosting provider is easy since they’re forced to do better as the competition gets tighter. Companies like Legion Cloud is one of the top choices as proven by more than 300,000 clients worldwide. We have 14 server facilities spread around major cities in Asia, Europe, and the USA.

Choose from our shared and dedicated hosting packages or contact us for other inquiries.

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